Violent J Announces New Book Behind the Paint: Act 2

Not sure how this slipped under our radar, but on Insane Clown Posse’s Twitter, Violent J has announced that he is in the early stages of writing a sequel to his autobiography Behind the Paint, originally released in 2003!

On top of that, he is asking for questions and submissions from the Juggalo Family in his creative process–with nothing off limits–DOPE!

Here’s the word from the Duke himself:

The Duke then went on to provide the link to his personal social media account, which you can cop at if you’re looking to contribute to this fresh new project.

The original Behind the Paint was an amazing book! I can’t wait for the sequel! And knowing that the Juggalo Fam is going to have a hand in this? 2 Dope!

Keep ya eyes peeled for Behind the Paint: Act 2, coming soon!