Twiztid Interviewed on Episode 13 of Nerds Take on the World

The 13th episode of a podcast called Nerds Take on the World features The Demented Duo, Twiztid!

Madrox and Mono discuss a plethora of topics including collecting toys, Cannabis laws, and Ice Cream.

Here is what is posted on the Nerds Take on the World website:



This weeks episode has Kelly and Drew talking with Madrox and Monoxide from the HorrorCore group Twiztid.  The conversation went from funny to even funnier when they talked Cannabis laws, Ice Cream and their favorite topic Toy Collecting.  Just a fun, lighthearted conversation with one of the heaviest rap groups in the market today.

Look forward to Twiztid coming in to your town this Spring/Summer with the 5th Annual 420 show in Detroit Michigan kicking off the upcoming tour on April 20th, 2017.  Don’t miss out on seeing them live. You can find out more by checking out their website at

You can also follow them on Twitter @TweetMeSoHard and on Instagram @OfficialTwiztid

Also check out their latest video Kill Somebody at their official youtube channel and let them know what you think of that awesome new paint they are sporting.

You can listen to the discussion by CLICKING HERE or below.