Twiztid Interviewed by The Daily Gazette

Prior to embarking on their nationwide Psychomania Tour, Twiztid took some time to speak to   It’s a pretty quick interview where they speak a little about their childhood, their humble beginnings in the music industry, the genre of music they make, the evolution of their sound, and lots more!  You can check out the intro below:


There are a lot of ways to describe Twiztid’s music: horrorcore, rap, rock, a horror movie set to a beat, etc.

But Jamie “Madrox” Spaniolo prefers “the wicked sh**.”

Madrox is half of the Twiztid duo, along with Paul “Monoxide” Methric. They’ll be taking over Putnam Den this weekend, along with G-Mo Skee, Young Wicked and Gorilla Voltage.

The Twiztid duo met while attending high school in Detroit where they started making music. They’ve been touring as “Twiztid” since 1999 and they started out working with Insane Clown Posse, one of the most well-known horrorcore bands. But they’ve since begun their own label and have been releasing music independently since 2013.

While their style has evolved over the years, it remains part rap and part horror movie. Some songs play out like a classic scary movie, which they play up with their stage makeup. Others revolve around things the singers’ have experienced.

A few weeks before the show, Madrox caught up with this Gazette reporter to talk about where the wicked got started, they’re new album and how the world is becoming more chaotic.

See the full interview here: