Triple Threat Track “R.I.P.” leaked on MNE’s “The Hookup”! [Listen Here]

Last night, we got a surprise episode of “The Hookup” from Majik Ninja Entertainment at 6 PM EST!

Since Twiztid is about to head out on tour, that’ll put “Ashtrays and Action Figures” on a little hiatus.  So “The Hookup” will be taking over on Wednesdays for the time being.

I wasn’t able to catch last night’s episode live, and if you weren’t either, you can check out the full replay below:

Now, for the reason that you clicked this article to begin with.  There’s a sampler that’s being handed out during the Psychomania VIP that will contain tracks from Young Wicked, Axe Murder Boyz, and Triple Threat!  Our homie David S hooked us up with an MP3 of the Triple Threat track titled “R.I.P.”  You can listen to that below:

Check out the full episode and let us know what you think of the Triple Threat track, along with the new AMB and Young Wicked joints!