Tech N9ne speaks to ChildsPlayNinja about MNE/Psychopathic/Strange Music

Tech N9ne Speaks

Today we’ve received some emails from a few of our readers concerning a couple of new YouTube video blogs that were posted by ChildsPlayNinja.  In part 1 of the 2-part video, CPN recaps a conversation that he had with Tech N9ne concerning the recent drama between he and Violent J.  He said that he forgot to record the conversation, but was extremely descriptive about the points that Tech made to him.  Even so, quite a few of his viewers didn’t believe the conversation actually happened.

Today, part 2 popped up.  This one began with a voice mail from Tech N9ne thanking him for the recap of the conversation that was posted, confirming that they did in fact speak. Tech also reiterates the fact that he wants nothing to do with the beef/drama and isn’t choosing sides.  He also said that Twiztid has chosen to not respond to the disses and allegations and just stick to entertaining Juggalos.

Normally we wouldn’t post a video blog as a news item, being that they primarily give the opinions of the vlogger.  However, this combined 45 minute 2-part video is chock full of info that Juggalos may or may not want to hear.  You can watch the videos in their entirety below:

Tech N9ne / CPN Conversation Recap: Part 1

Tech N9ne / CPN Conversation Recap: Part 2

While it sucks that the audio from the conversation is forever lost, props to CPN for providing a great recap of what was said.

What are your thoughts on what Tech said?