Tech N9ne Responds To Violent J’s Comments in Recent Interview

In the comments of his Instagram post about the track, Tech N9ne left some comments more or less explaining his verse.

He states that there’s no beef, just that he feels like he’s owed an apology over what was said by ICP on Hot97 last week.  He still considers ICP family.

Here’s a recap and screen shot of the comments:


magneticsnake That icp Diss tho 😮🔥🔥

juggalodaddy84 So that a real icp diss @therealtechn9ne ?

therealtechn9ne @juggalodaddy84 not a diss just reality comin from a nigga that’s a good dude and they are just misinformed!

juggalodaddy84 @therealtechn9ne just asking because I’m a juggalo and have been since 95′. Got nothing but luv for you and hope there isn’t any beef. Tech is the evolution of rap music.

therealtechn9ne @juggalodaddy84 always love! He just feel like I don’t show ENOUGH love! Damn what I gotta do fuck a JUGGALETTE on hot 97 and ask her to marry me? JESUS! 40 thousand for the Gathering instead of 100,000 plus I normally get everywhere else ain’t a lot of love by itself?

juggalodaddy84 @therealtechn9ne i get that. Well just know that u have juggalo support from me and I’ll continue to pre order and support ur music and all strange music !!

magneticsnake Now we wait for icp to respond 😊 competition equals better music especially from tech n9ne

therealtechn9ne @magneticsnake come on man competition? They family so it BETTER be my bad Tech we were misinformed! That’s it!

funkojuggalo You couldn’t have just called Joe to talk about that?

therealtechn9ne @funkojuggalo we did! That’s the point! He didn’t believe me! AND I been sending Tech N9ne history lessons to his phone so he can get my story right next time and he ain’t said nothing back in 4 days! Just remember I’m an Angel and not shady at all so anything north of goodness ain’t true bout ME!

therealtraumatize @therealtechn9ne Been rocking the paint since 6688846993. I see where ICP was coming from but they didn’t get the facts straight.

therealtechn9ne @therealtraumatize since 94! They said I didn’t start wearing my paint like I do till their tour in 02 just because my painter was late to the tour rest his soul! Serious shit they had wrong on that interview and they need to know before they say something else that’s wrong!

therealtraumatize @therealtechn9ne Word G. I recognize Game. Been Rocking with You since 05′ but I know the History. Ignorance is Bliss its a shame they went on the radio and spent half the interview name dropping. Instead of getting deep with Carnival Movement like they Were proclaiming to do since they began. They Got it from Kiss and Misfits anyway, was real petty that they jeopardized their 1hr to knock down another Elite on the same Team.

Original Post: Tech N9ne has addressed the comments Violent J of Insane Clown Posse recently made in an interview with Hot 97.

Tech N9ne‘s response is featured in a new track by Stevie Stone entitled, Eat II

Here is the verse as transcribed:


“Peep Peep how I heat seek travel deep feet just to eat meat. Beast teeth mangle with beef let the peace leak then I Chief Keef Cuz I ain’t trippin’ off no bitch assness, I rip past this You pick hell then you get ashes, a big fail like skipped classes People feelin’ like they made N9na cuz I did shows and they paid N9na In the area of 8 mile but they actin’ like they Kim Basinger All I ever do is show love Juggalo does get a show plug from a flow thug Now they grow grudge when I bareback a nigga no rub Had to work for the love on the Wicked Wonka tour fans turned back Til I hit ’em with the “Stamina” and then they turned around N9na earned that Told Joe I’d be tourin’ when they did the March gotta pay for my divorce Now he tryin’ to make the people turn another back on me Nigga I don’t need NOTHIN’…but this music…and these grands…and all the fans And my children, an apology for you doggin’ me and my big crew On a beach somewhere in Miami with my lady’s punani I can eat…EAT”

Let us know if we made any mistakes with the transcribing. Here is the track: