Tech N9ne Earns First Platinum Record With “Caribou Lou”

On June 20th, Tech N9ne’s “Caribou Lou” was certified platinum by the RIAA. This is his first platinum certification.

Caribou Lou also served as his first Gold Record. You can read the article posted by Strange Music, and read comments from Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko below.

From Strange Music:

In 2012 Tech N9ne earned his first gold record with “Caribou Lou.” A remarkable achievement for the independent pioneer.

Now, the legend of “Caribou Lou” continues.

According to the RIAA, as of June 20, the song that has launched a million hangovers has gone platinum!

Going platinum is one of the highest achievements for a recording artist. Every single person who steps into a studio dreams of selling over a million units, and for Tech to do it all independently is a remarkable achievement; one that was not lost on him and, the songs co-creator, Krizz Kaliko.

The pair took to Instagram to reflect on the monumental achievement.

Here is what Tech had to say:

So thankful for this job I have that’s powered by the fans! Thanx so much for the platinum record! You all have made me immortal! Because of you, I, will forever BE! I won’t die before the world outside of Strangeland find their reasons to honor our hard work and Beautiful Music! I will live to see MORE of the fruits of my, OUR, labor! Strange Music, where bullshit ain’t nothin but a chicken Wang on a strang!

Here is what Krizz had to say:

Wat-loaf, Zebra, Fat boy, Fat Ass, Mon chi chi, “you suck”, you’ll never make it unless you put make up in your face, “How are you gonna sing & Rap”, things that people might say to you before you go platinum. CARIBOU LOU!!! Certified platinum record. Written by Aaron D Yates @therealtechn9ne & Samuel W.C. Watson #krizzkaliko Thank you to the fans that have been ridin with along this journey. Thx to @therealtechn9ne for pulling the genius out of me. Thx to @strangemusicceo for givinme a chance to do music for a job, to live out my dreams & take care of my family. To my wife for pushing me always to kill it writing these HITS and def thank you to my momma for never saying “Get a real job” and teaching me music. #strangemusicbaby #practicingmygrammyspeach “Okay” (krizz Kaliko voice)