Majik Ninja Radio Stream Android App

So after many requests we now have a dedicated Android App for the radio! So if you’re all about the music and want a direct link to the Majik Ninja Radio stream then this one is for you. This new app will not replace our website’s android app for those of you using it. You can download the new Radio App from our website or by clicking the link below. And, as always you can tune in using the “Tune In” past of the website which also has our live chat and radio.

Majik Ninja Radio

Download Stream App:


New Host

Our “new” host has finally arrived, and although we use the word new he is actually our longest running radio host! DJ Phatso will be hosting his show “Intergalactic Insane Asylum” every Wednesday starting at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. Providing you with the crazy, the insane, and the totally out of this world (no, seriously — this dude can go “out-there” from zero to infinity, and beyond — bad joke) SO, tune in and check this guy out because its always a true experience when DJ Phatso jumps on the air!

Welcome Our Newest Host – DJ Phatso!

Staff Team

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