Over at PsychopathicRadio.com, the following announcement was made regarding the site. ICP is revamping their studio and preparing an all-new setup in HD that they are calling Psychopathic TV. ICP will be appearing on the inaugural episode to discuss all things GATHERING! That’s what’s up! Peep the flavor:

Miss the Juggalo Show tonight? Too bad, stupid ass! The Psychopathic Radio studio is undergoing a complete overhaul, with all-new equipment, HD cameras, and more flavor to school your earholes and slap ya eyeballs. We will return on Thursday 6/15 with the brand new debut of…PSYCHOPATHIC TV! Broadcasting to you directly from Facebook Live from facebook.com/insaneclownposse. Don’t miss the debut of PSYCHOPATHIC TV, with an all-new Gathering Edition of the Juggalo Show hosted by the Wicked Clowns themselves: I C Muthafuckin’ P! Thursday June 15th at 8pm EST. Be there when Psychopathic TV goes live with the Wicked Clowns! Whoop whoop!

The following poster was dropped over on ICP’s facebook:

Stay tuned for ICP hosting the Juggalo Show on 6/15 on Facebook Live!

The 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is just over 2 months away, and info about this year’s festival is steadily rolling in!

This morning, we received an email blast from Wolfpac letting us know that they have been tapped to be the hosts all week long for Psychopathic Radio!  That’s right…for 4 hours a day from July 26th-29th,  Wolfpac and the Ladies of Wolfpac will be up to their usual antics, contests, and other ridiculousness that can only be seen and heard at the Gathering!

Here are the details:


This now infamous live broadcast being brought to you by WOLFPAC brings you epic tales of flavor, madness, and Juggalo tactics, to be passed down for generations. Always off the chain, stop by to see unbridled debauchery at its best as the half-naked girls of WOLFPAC spin and dance on stripper poles to some of the best underground music in the Juggalo world. With plenty of chances to win prizes during their wild contests, stop by for your fill of beats, eats, treats, and skeets. It’s a spectacle not to be missed, because if you do, you will only regret it as you hear the tales of it afterwards!

– Days?: Wed July 26TH to Sat July 29th
– Times?: 12PM to 2PM & 4PM to 6PM CST!
– Where?: Chaos Stage / psychopathicradio.com
Get your tickets now at: tickets.juggalogathering.com

Psychopathic Records will respond to Majik Ninja Entertainment‘s decision to not attend or perform at the Juggalo March on Washington.

The response will take place tomorrow night at 8pm on Psychopathic Radio.

Tune into http://www.psychopathicradio.com/at 8pm tomorrow night to hear Psychopathic’s responds to MNE’s recent decline of the Juggalo March.