We at Majik Ninja Radio really appreciate and respect the hard work and countless hours these musical artists put in to deliver entertainment to friends, fans, family, and total strangers. So in honor of not only where these artists strive to arrive but more importantly (and often times forgotten about) where they are starting from. We are proud to announce our new segment “From Under the Underground” which will will start everyday at 6PM EST and will end when the full list of music has been played. What does that mean exactly? It means the more music added to the list, the longer the playtime. To give everyone an idea, we have collected a total of 2 hours 3o minutes of music to start and more coming in everyday. Although we don’t turn music away with this segment we cant have it take over the entire radio so, the question of how long will songs remain on the list is determined by the listeners. Songs that make our “Top Tracks” list will eventually cycle into our general rotation, but those songs that show up on our “Least Popular Tracks” list will be removed. With this we are trying to keep things fair and want to remain impartial when it comes to this part of the process. This will also help keep the segment length in check. So, if you have music you would like to submit you can contact us with your name (including alias), links to your profiles (so people can find you), and of course your music submissions (songs must be in mp3 format). This new segment will be starting today and we already have a nice collection of artists to fill up your ear-holes. You know how this works, so tune in and if you don’t know how just click that sexy “Tune In” button at the top of the site and hit play or download our Android app from the site, and if those don’t make you have an eargasm then find us on the TuneIn Radio app by searching “Majik Ninja Radio“!