The daily Juggalo Gathering flavor continues to drop over at!

This just added, by popular demand: The Muthafuckin’ Gathering of the Juggalos TATTOO CONTEST!

Peep the details, straight from

Back by popular demand…. The Tattoo Contest!
Saturday: Noon–1pm / Seminar Tent

From the lost cities of ancient Egypt to the tea houses of Japan, around the globe to the indigenous tribes of Hookajava and back again, the art of tattooing and body adornment is seemingly as old as humankind itself. Juggalo culture pays homage to this grand tradition as the Family gathers to show off the best of the best! Got some sick ink on your flesh? Then come on down to the tattoo contest and bare your masterpiece for all to see! Are you a living work of art? Then step on up and compete!

Prizes: First Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque and $100 gift certificate; Second Place—$100 gift certificate; and Third Place—$50 gift certificate.

Over on Insane Clown Posse’s Facebook page, Juggalos are wylin’ out and have submitted photos of more than TWO HUNDRED submissions. Woah!

Here’s some of our favorites:

Tattoo Contest Tattoo Contest Tattoo Contest Tattoo Contest Tattoo Contest Tattoo Contest Tattoo Contest

These are dope! But you gotta BE THERE to take the GOLD! F*ck the internet we be out here livin life! If ya don’t gather, ya don’t matter! So go head and cop them tickets at

Gathering of the Juggalos, Big Ballas Sites and All-Star Experience Passes Available This Friday!

Whaddup ninjas? The countdown to Shangri-La on Earth continues as Psychopathic Records continues to drop daily flavor about the 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos!

This just in: Did you get the bone when attempting to purchase a Big Ballas site for your crew? Them pimpalicious sites sold out in like 5 minutes! If you weren’t able to cop one, You’re in luck! Additional sites will be going on sale this Friday, May 26th, at 6pm! With electricity, an RV hookup, and early entry for a crew of six, these are bound to go quick, so don’t sleep!

In addition, details for this year’s All-Star Experience meet-and-greet have been announced, where you can BBQ backstage with ICP and the whole Psychopathic crew! Dope!

Peep the flavor, direct from

This is your chance, Juggalos! By popular demand, more Big Ballas sites will be on sale THIS FRIDAY, 5/26, at 6pm! These super-pimped out 25’ x 50’ sites come with electricity, plenty of room for an RV, and early admission a day early, starting on July 25th, for you and five other members of your crew! Don’t sleep on this one, Juggalos! Friday at 6pm, ball out and reserve your super fresh Ballas campsite for GOTJ 18!

Also going on sale this Friday at 6pm…the Psychopathic All-Star Experience! Enjoy an exclusive meet and greet with the entire Psychopathic Roster and staff (ABK, Big Hoodoo, DJ Clay, ICP, Lyte, Rude Boy, Kevin Gill, Natalie the Ring Girl, Billy Bill, J-Webb, Mean Dean, Jumpsteady as well as Mike Busey and the Busey Beauties, Wolfpac and the Wolfpac girls a bunch of other ninjas), including an all-you-can-eat buffet and chill session backstage at the Diamond Stage on the first night of the Gathering, and a gift bag including a collectable charm, commemorative laminate, and exclusive flag! If that wasn’t enough, watch the very first main-stage artist of the Gathering perform from the side of the stage, and then return on Saturday night for the largest Faygo Armageddon ever seen during the climax of ICP’s grand finale!

Big ballin’ and All-Starrin’…It’s going down this Friday! Just remember to stay Juggaluggin!

A nightly beach bonfire has been added to in the Other Flavor section! Fans of the former Hogdaddy’s Hellfire from the Cave-in-Rock Gatherings rejoice!

This bonfire will take place on Balla Beach each night from midnight til 3am and should make for a dope beach party lakeside, under the stars! Here’s the full details from

Balla Beach Bonfire

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 12am–3am / Balla Beach

Smoke rises like mist above the expanse of a black lake that lays still with an eerie calm. Diamond stars shine brightly overhead, reflected with the silhouettes of the boughs of great pines. You feel the magic of hot fire warming your skin as a soft breeze lingers, carrying the sounds of music, laughter, and the jubilant shouts of the Juggalo Family. Suddenly, radiant orange and yellow faces manifest before you, shining forth from across the flames. “Sup, ninja! You got a light?” Enter the sacred circle of the Loon Lake Balla Beach Bonfire, where drinks will be shared, smoke will be passed, and Juggalo Family bonds will be formed that will last well beyond the smoke and ash. Warm up by this lakeside beach bonfire and ease your mind as you unwind and recline with homies by your side!

Dope! Who’s ready to kick it all night long and be ballas on the beach? Kumbaya, muthafackoo!

But the real question is, “Who wanna smoke with me?”

Stay tuned to Faygoluvers as more Juggalo Gathering flavor continues to drop!

Juggalo Gathering

Psychopathic Records has steadily released information about the 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos.

They’ve posted a recap article about all the dope information that has been revealed.

We have covered most, if not all of this information. But, If you’ve missed it you can check out all the press-releases below.



As the 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos quickly approaches we’ve been dropping more freshness and info almost daily.

So far we’ve released the official Map of the DEVISTATING new grounds at the Lost Lakes Amphitheater in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Which you can peep out and download right here:

The ultra fresh COMPETITIONS where people can compete against fellow Juggalos to win some dope and amazing prizes.

Peep all those here:

The always bloody and extremely violent JUGGALO CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING EVENTS!

That you can peep right here:

All the bizarre SIDE SHOWS & FREAK SHOW.

You can find right here:

And, of course the tons and tons of EXTRA FLAVOR.

That you can peep out right here:

All of this freshness and more can be yours this July 26th-29th at the Lost Lakes Amphitheater in Oklahoma City, OK. See you there Juggalos!

Make sure to keep checking for up to date information as it gets added.

juggalo gathering
Gathering of the Juggalos