As promised, the prototype t-shirt give-a-way is here! This is the one and only shirts like this. We will be making new shirts eventually but this right here is one of a kind. We have given a lot of thought as to how we wanted to do this. So, this is how the contest will work. All entries must be made ON THE WEBSITE by commenting on this news post.

How It Works

This post will be shared all over social media and may build a lot of comments of each but NONE will count in this contest. Another thing about this contest there is a minimum requirement before the contest may end. The cap is being set at 50 entries or 60 days, whichever comes firsts. Again, we wanted to keep this fair and not play favorites to any single site (other than our own of course because, well .. come on!) so by doing this everyone should have a fair chance to win this awesome gem of a prize.

Bonus Entry

Now with any good contest there usually is a twist of some kind and this is no different. We have also included an option which can earn each contestant a “bonus entry“. You can do this by simply donating $1.00 to Majik Ninja Radio by using the PayPal button below, Simple enough. Well, the contest can’t end until we begin so it all starts today! So good luck to everyone and let the best ninja/ninjette win!

Bonus Entry – Include Your Name

Twiztid is looking to hook you up with some freshness via a couple different contests.

First up, there is a contest on Instagram where you have a chance to win a 6 Foot Tall Cardboard Cutout. Check out the details below.

 Via Instagram

Do YOU want to win this awesome 6 foot tall cardboard cutout of us promoting the new album #TheContinuousEVILutionOfLifes?s ? All you have to do is make sure you follow us, @officialtwiztid, on Instagram, like THIS post, and repost it on YOUR Instagram tagging both @officialtwiztid and #EVILutionCutoutGiveaway! The contest ends in one week, January 13th!

Next up, they are looking to hook up a lucky winner with a dope special prize pack, which is filled with an amazing assortment of merchandise. Check out the details for this contest below.

Via :

Welcome to Twiztid’s #mytwiztidevilution Face Generator!

It’s simple.  Using the plus sign controls, upload a picture of your face in the album art.  You’ll be able to position it so that it looks like you are right on the cover.

Once you are done, share on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #mytwiztidevilution to win a special prize pack from Twiztid featuring an amazing assortment of merch!

Daklown Productions & The Real CDK Present
Rules to enter are simple- –
–everyone is limited to 1 entry per day
–groups and pages DO NOT count.
–Like, Comment, and Share this post (publicly) to your timeline.

All valid entries will be recorded and three people will be the lucky winners, which then will be announced on Feburary 5th.

1st Place: CDK – Misunderstood Mind CD, Misunderstood Mind Poster, and CDK/DKP Promo Pack
2nd Place: Misunderstood Mind CD and CDK/DKP Promo Pack
3rd Place: CDK/DKP Promo Pack

So with that let the games begin and GOOD LUCK!

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