Side Shows Announced for the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Whaddup Juggalos! The countdown to the 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos continues, as Psychopathic Records continues to add more flavor to almost daily!

This just in–The Side Shows!

It’s a well-known fact that every circus needs a good side show, and it looks like the Dark Carnival is no different! lists the following:

  • Bizarro World: The infamous late-night haven for drum circles, fire performers, freakshows, fortune tellers, and chillin’ on a haybail gettin saucy amongst the madness. Dope.
  • Peep This Shit Stage: It’s baaack! The open mic that gives the Juggalo Family the chance to shine–whatever you want to do, you have the mic and your own stage and sound manager! This year steps things way up, ON THE CHAOS STAGE (second stage). Dope!
  • Psychopathic Radio Live at the Gathering: Y’all already know. I ain’t even gotta say nothin’. Boobs, booze, fisticuffs, puke…bout to get wild.
  • The Sickening Skin Suspension Show Spectacular: According to the site, “See these performance artists do stunts that will turn your stomach as you gasp in both disgust and awe as they willfully insert razor sharp meat hooks into various parts of their anatomy and are lifted off the ground for your demented viewing pleasure!” Count me in!
  • The Freakshow Deluxe: Anybody who has been to this knows just how wild this gets. True Dark Carnival circus shit! Shout out to our Juggalo homie Hazin…he knows what’s up…

Guy on the bottom’s face…Damn that’s some cold shit…

Peep the full details here!

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The countdown to Shangri-La on Earth Continues! Who’s ready?!