Psychopathic Answers: “Why is the Carnival of Carnage Show Ticket $250?”

In the midst of all of the other stuff happening yesterday, made a post about the upcoming Carnival of Carnage show that snuck past us.

With a $250.00 price tag, lots of Juggalos have voiced their opinions and asked why the price tag is so high. It was explained on the ticketing site, but in case you only heard the cost of the ticket, they lay it out for you.  Check the post below.


“What’s up with the ticket price on the Carnival of Carnage show?”

A LOT of Juggalos have been asking why tickets to the “Carnival of Carnage” show in August are so high. The reason is quite simple: ICP is performing the first Joker’s Card and doing a throwback appearance as Inner City Posse to raise funds for a professionally filmed, high-budgeted documentary on the late John Kickjazz, the third and original founding member of ICP, who passed away two years ago. This is going to be a documentary with high production values and since we intend on making a truly worthy tribute to the late great Third Clown of ICP….it’s going to cost mad loot to make this film properly. So THAT’s why the ticket price for the “Carnival of Carnage” show is steeper than other ICP shows. The whole evening is to honor the memory of John Kickjazz and to raise funds for this dope ass documentary that will tell the full, untold story about the founding of ICP–featuring stories and knowledge that have NEVER BEEN REVEALED BEFORE! We figure throwing a fresh ass historical concert is a better way to raise funds than doing a GoFund me campaign or some shit. By attending this show, you are contributing to its funding…and you’re going to experience an incredible fucking evening that you will never forget! Some tickets for the Carnival of Carnage show are still available at We will see you there! WHOOP WHOOP!