Mystery Box FINALLY Won on The Juggalo Show; Contents Revealed!

If you’re a regular viewer of The Juggalo Show on, you have probably seen Juggalos try to win the elusive Mystery Box in the Clash of the Ninjas game.  It has been WELL over a year since the box has been up for grabs.  MANY have tried, and ALL have failed…until tonight!

There were two contestants who didn’t make it through the first round of the game.  Then came the homie Cheshyr, whose name you might recognize from the FLH Forums.

He got through the first two rounds with ease.  Then came his chance at the Mystery Box.  The 2 contestants in the video were “Jedi Jerry” and “Jedi John”.  Cheshyr made his choice in the chat room and picked “Jedi Jerry”.  These bootleg ass Jedis battled it out with their weak ass light sabers that singed each other’s arm hair, but in the end, there was CONTROVERSY!  Jedi Jerry was deemed the winner, but the video editor mislabeled him!  So after about a 10 minute on-air conversation, Cheshyr was given another chance to win the box!

This time, it was a battle between 2 warriors: Blahzay Benjo and Cleavage Cory!  Cheshyr picked Blahzay Benjo (who was armed only with a sword) to defeat Cleavage Cory (who was rocking blue blockers, a gun, and a thick ass cigar).  It was a long and epic battle, but in the end,Blahzay Benjo WON!

So now, it was time to FINALLY reveal the contents of the box!  What was inside?  Well here’s an itemized list:

  • Into the Echoside Black Matte lighter
  • GOTJ 17 Hat Pin
  • Chaos logo amulet from Morton’s List (never sold!)
  • Dark Carnival Games watch
  • Hand-drawn image of time capsule used 2 years ago (from GOTJ 15 Infomercial)
  • Rob Bruce Baseball Jersey from the Violent J Solo Tour

Cheshyr asked that everyone sign the jersey, and you can see some pics that Rachelette snapped below:

Click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge!

Damn, what a great show tonight!  If you missed it, hopefully they’ll have the archive up soon! Congrats Cheshyr!