McNastee & Menacide “Mystery Disc” FREE Gathering 2017 Exclusive!

McNastee & Menacide “Mystery Disc” FREE Gathering 2017 Exclusive!

Now, with news of artists booked for the Gathering of the Juggalos rolling in. Some artists are taking full advantage of the promotion!
McNastee and Menacide who have been in the game for roughly twenty years, have been booked to play the Gathering on the Madhouse Stage!

To sweeten the deal, anyone who is in attendance at this set will get a FREE COPY of what is only known as Mystery Disc featuring tracks both old and new that have never been heard before! Check out the details below.

From Menacide’s Facebook:

Dear Juggalos, underground music fans, and fellow friends attending the 2017 Gathering Of The Juggalos: You’re in for a massive surprise! McNasteeand I have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver a MONSTER of a fxcking album called “The Mystery Disc” at the GOTJ! This album, a one-time only, pro-pressed and sealed collector’s item, will be available ONLY at the GOTJ 2017, and will feature monster rarities from Menacide & McNastee (aka the Heavy Hittaz), never again to see the light of day. It will also include brand spanking new material fresh out of the lab!

What sort of music, you ask?

Well, 70 or so minutes of mystery stuff, featuring mystery guests, mystery this and that, hidden mystery material, and so forth! The only thing NOT a mystery about this album, is where you can get an absolutely FREE copy: The GOTJ, 2017. McNastee is set to take the stage Friday, July 28th @ 4:45 Pm in the Madhouse Stage. Swarm your ass to the stage, enjoy the show, and be sure to get a copy of this professionally pressed and mastered CD entitled, “Menacide & McNastee Present: The Mystery Disc.

What if you can’t make it to the GOTJ 2017, you ask?

Well, as they say, you’re fresh the fxck outta luck, my friend. Perhaps you can have someone grab one for you, maybe a friend or associate attending the McNastee show in the Madhouse.

Sorry. No details about the contents of this disc will be revealed. It’s a MYSTERY!!! – One you don’t wanna miss out on, believe me!

Don’t miss this set!  At 4:45 PM you won’t be doing anything else at the Gathering!  Come see McNastee!!