MC Chris Discusses His Juggalo March Invite and More

MC Chris has posted an in-depth reply to Psychopathic Records invitation to the Juggalo March on Washington.

MC Chris has declined the invite.  He states the reason for his decision not to march is because it will be close to his fall tour.

During his lengthy post, MC Chris mentioned how great juggalos have been to him and other things. You can read the full post below.


A lot of juggalo fans have been asking if i will participate in the march and concert they have planned for later this year. i believe they are marching and gathering because they have been branded as a gang by the FBI.

i won’t be participating because it comes so close to fall tour and the DC market is one that i’m dependent upon to make a living. i do sincerely appreciate the invite though. it’s always nice to be asked back to anything. means you didn’t fuck it up too bad.

but i wanted to be clear about how i feel about juggalos just so there can be no mistake or misinterpretation. i have no problem w law abiding juggalo’s that treat women with respect and don’t heckle shows. i pretty much always appreciate them because long story short, juggalos buy merch, they financially support the bands they like. this keeps independent music alive.

i have had juggalos at concerts for as long i’ve been touring, i’ve played the gathering (which was scary as fuck, but ultimately thrilling because i won them over,) i’ve been asked by psycopathic to sign with them, and then they recently asked me to join them in DC. i even got followed by icp on twitter fulfilling a life long dream 😉

i have never witnessed any juggalo do anything gang related. yes, they think of each other as family, they sport symbols etc, but it’s only in these ways that they could be considered a gang. not every juggalo is automatically a criminal or a trouble maker. they are primarily upstanding citizens with jobs. there are bad apples and crazy shows, but that’s not quite a criminal operation. as for me, yes, there’s been some bad experiences but i’d be lying if i said most of the juggalos i’ve met weren’t well behaved. and these days the alt right makes juggalos look like downton abbey.

it’s always best not dismiss any group because of its most extreme members (unless of course we’re talking about nazis.) we do it with religions and races, even the mc chris fan collective has extremists and assholes. that doesn’t mean we are all assholes. that just means a couple of people are and we shouldn’t let that dictate who we are as a group.

thanks for listening and once again thanks to the people at psychopathic records for the invite, hope the show and march go off without a hitch. much clown love.