The Kool-Aid

The Kool-Aid Korner with Damien Quinn & S.A.W. Da Ghozt Debuts Tonight (7/16)

The Kool-Aid Korner with Damien Quinn and S.A.W. Da Ghozt debuts tonight, July 16th.

The Kool-Aid Korner can be heard live at 8pm cst/ 9pm est on

Check out the press release about the debut episode below:

Some topics that Ghozt and I will be discussing during our new podcast “The Kool-Aid Korner”…

  • How hot Eminem’s daughter Hailie really is!?!?
  • How S.A.W. Da Ghozt met Damien Quinn!?!?
  • How Tyler, The Creator came out of the closet and what Cherry Bomb actually means!?!?
  • How it’s legal to fuck Cows in Wisconsin but you gotta know what County you’re in!!

We’ll let you know all this and more on “The Kool-Aid Korner” LIVE tonight night @ 8 p.m. cst/9 p.m. est on No Fucks Given Radio!! LET’S DRINK THE KOOL-AID ON SOME CULT SHIT!!!!!!! #RIPGeno #CultShit #CuntyVibes #DrinkTheKoolAid #NoFucksGivenRadio