Juggalo Show Recap: Jumpsteady Tells All about Young Wicked / Speaks Mind on Twiztid Declining the March

It looks like last night’s episode has been pulled from UStream.  I don’t know if that was pulled purposely by Psychopathic or if something else happened.  We’ll update if it surfaces again.

Original Post: OK Juggalos, hear me out. The Juggalo Show aired live tonight on PsychopathicRadio.com, and it was another rare episode that may have had you feeling a bit uneasy watching it.

There were a few things discussed, but it started out with the room discussing the fact that Majik Ninja Entertainment declined participating in the march as an entire label.  It quickly turned into a gritty show concerning Young Wicked, his relationship with Jumpsteady‘s daughter, signing with MNE, and then some of the things that were said on social media afterwards.

Before posting this, I want to make one thing perfectly clear.  This is BIG news in the Juggalo world, and we are not taking sides either way. It’s something that we feel needs to be reported on, and then you can draw your own conclusions.  Should Young Wicked or MNE want to reach out or post something on their own, we will absolutely cover it too.


First, because I don’t want it to get buried in the novel of talking points that I took notes on, here is a screen capture of some of the tweets that Young Wicked sent out during the show via @YoungWicked303 as he watched live:

Now, these are all of the things that I took notes on.  Again, these are not my words or thoughts.  Just what was said on the January 5th, 2017 edition of The Juggalo Show:


  • Rob starts out by saying that the march is for Juggalos, not for ICP or Psychopathic
  • Gave props to artists who signed onto the march
  • They go into the history of Twiztid being signed, leaving, and throwing barbs on social media.
  • MNE signs Boondox
  • Rudy quotes Twiztid’s twitter saying “no longer do you have to be force fed bullshit”
  • Rob mentions that if Psy and MNE’s relationship severed their relationship, that means the end of Dark Lotus, Rydas, Wizard of the Hood, etc.
  • The whole reason we are having this conversation is because of Otis
  • When MNE signed Otis, it was the final jab. He betrayed Psychopathic on a personal level, and MNE knew what was done
  • Them announcing Young Wicked’s signing on New Year’s Eve right before the details of the Juggalo March were announced was an ultimate slap in the face.
  • Jumpsteady proclaims that Psychopathic is a small family trying to put out flavor.
  • The Juggalo March is all out of Psychopathic’s pocket.
  • Rob said that the perception that all of Psy’s employees are millionaires is not even close to true.
  • The march is NOT an ICP / Psychopathic event. They don’t care about a publicity stunt
  • Twiztid not wanting to march was a shock to them because doing it is a wonderful way for artists to pay back the fact that they owe their careers to Juggalos.
  • There has been no statement from Twiztid as to why they won’t march, but he’s sure there will be now.
  • Jumpsteady says you can only be slapped in the face so many times.
  • Rudy says that there is speculation has it that Twiztid canceled their march appearance because of Myzery/Spanish Side’s threats against them. They are NOT signed to Psychopathic, but they ARE relatives of Samantha (Jumpsteady’s daughter)
  • Rob starts to tell the story of Young Wicked. He’s not trying to sway you not to like YW, and that he feels that minds are already made up.
  • The main thing that got to Rob about Young Wicked is that…yes, he was with Rob’s daughter behind his back and was also playing his fiance at the same time. BUT when he left and joined Twiztid, Psychopathic wanted to forget about it and take the high road. He then started posting comments taking jabs at Psychopathic such as “after 15 years I can finally provide for my family.”
  • Rob says Otis is young, scared, and a bitch.
  • When AMB first started, they were hated for YEARS. They weren’t selling, left the label, and they came back and were given another chance.  You can’t dismiss the whole history.
  • Young Wicked HATED Twiztid and vice versa. But as soon as shit hit the fan, he heads to a Twiztid show and reps MNE gear and ultimately signs
  • Otis left the label on his own…he was not fired.
  • YW wrote Rob apologizing for everything.
  • Violent J put YW and his family up in his house for a year rent-free without expecting anything.
  • When Young Wicked went to Twiztid’s label, he caught some flack. Juggalos asked why he jumped ship. To save face, he started painting Psychopathic like they are the worst thing ever.
  • Rudy says: “If you can’t provide for your family, why would you stick around?”
  • Jumpsteady says that everything Young Wicked has said since leaving is a complete lie.
  • Young Wicked was building up to be the next biggest thing at PSychopathic.
  • Jumpsteady reveals that Samantha (his daughter) is pregnant with Young Wicked’s daughter
  • Jumpsteady called Young Wicked up saying that we need to work things out. How you conduct yourself from this moment on is what really matters.
  • Samantha was going on a trip for a few months so YW rented her apartment so he could fly out his family and stay there for a few months.
  • Samantha had to come back and YW’s fiance went back to Colorado. Samantha and YW started interacting and a relationship developed.
  • Samantha talked to Rob about it saying that they have feelings for each other.
  • Rob asked “What about his fiance?” He only talks about how much he loves her and how much she saved his life.
  • Jumpsteady reprimanded YW and his daughter (Samantha) for sneaking around behind his back.
  • Jumpsteady and Rob talked face to face, and Rob told YW that it was disrespectful.
  • YW told him that he wouldn’t kick it with Sam anymore, but found out that they never stopped seeing each other.
  • YW and Rob had a falling out after that and asked for keys to the apartment back. He said it was a complete betrayal of everyone.
  • YW went back to his fiance like nothing happened. Started treating Samantha like shit until SHE hated him.
  • Nobody in the family had any more respect for him. If he’d man up and take calls from Rob and his family, then it’d be different.
  • Rob still offered YW to stay on the label after everything, but said he still needed to man up and take care of his future baby.
  • Rob asked everybody at the label if they wanted him to stay because he could work around YW.
  • They said “Good riddance” to him when he signed with MNE, but he still persisted to talk badly about Psychopathic after that.
  • Rob said he’s making mistakes because he’s so dumb, selfish, and is a bitch.
  • Rob said that YW considered him a father figure. Rob said that the only reason he’s airing this all out is because of YW’s shit talking since his signing after all they’ve done for him.
  • Rob said “The whole 15 years you claimed Psychopathic 4 Life you were really hating it?” He said that’s a lie.
  • Rob says he’s dissing all of his homies in a bitch move to make himself look better.
  • Rob hates to think that this whole instance will start a war with MNE, but them signing Otis can’t be overlooked…especially after running his mouth.
  • Joe told YW that it was his goal for him to have a house for his family. He was very determined to do it.
  • 2 weeks before it all went down, YW got a raise, and a diamond hatchetman was being made for him.
  • Rob told him it’s all about how you act from here on out that depends on whether they can make it work at Psychopathic.
  • Rob said that if a war between Psychopathic and MNE pops off, it’s because Otis crossed the line.

<<They played a montage of Otis showing love to ICP and Psychopathic over the years>>

  • Rob said that the thing that gets to him the most is that YW has a daughter on the way with his family and he’s doing everything in his power to not be involved.
  • Myzery calls in to speak his piece.
  • Rob asks about Myzery and his crew targetting Young Wicked really hard.
  • With the Juggalo march, all beefs should be squashed. Nobody’s trying to physically harm anyone.
  • Billy came up to Rob 3 days ago and asked about bringing Young Wicked to the march. Rob agreed and said that he should be invited.
  • Rob said that he deserves a beatdown, but not at the march.
  • Myzery said he’s not worried about anyone but his niece. The whole reason Myzery is mad is the same reason Rob is mad because of how badly he treated Samantha
  • Myzery’s standpoint is that since Twiztid signed YW, he and the Spanish Side crew now have an issue with the entire MNE label
  • Myzery said there will be a white flag at the march…but after the march, gloves are off.
  • Myzery said that if Twiztid or MNE has shows in New York and Arizona, they better cancel them.
  • Rob and Rudy reiterate that they have nothing to do with Myzery. So whatever happens there is on them.
  • Rudy said that Psychopathic is laying this subject to rest now. This is the last you’ll hear about it.
  • Rob said that they aren’t blasting on YW for no reason….there’s real anger. But this is the last time because Rob has to let it go to get over everything.
  • He hopes that years from now they can be chilling together at his daughter’s birthday party
  • KG reads YW’s tweets (seen above) on the air, and Rob calls him a liar. Saying he’s always lying.
  • Jumpsteady said to look at it this way: You just stood here for 15 years getting the bone? With a smile on your face?
  • Jumpsteady realizes that these revelations change a lot of things.
  • Rudy told Rob that in the 30 years he’s known him, he’s never seen Rob that upset.
  • Rob reiterates that through it all, the straw that broke the camel’s back is all the shit talking on social media.
  • Rob then apologizes and said it’s one of the lowest moments of his life. He wanted to say what he wanted to and not get mad about it.
  • Rob tells Otis that there is STILL coming back from this. Asks him to do the right thing, shut up, make his career at MNE, and move forward. Do right by your daughter and stop making enemies. Focus on the positive.
  • Rob said that YW wouldn’t be an artist if not for Psychopathic.
  • Rob ends saying that if he wants to air it all out, go onto Twiztid’s radio show and speak his piece.

<<Show Ends pretty abruptly after a few plugs from KG and show plugs from Rudy>>

Look Juggalos, I know this is a lot to digest. Feel free to watch the video above to confirm that we got our notes right, but that is the quick-ish synopsis of the episode.

With all of that said, did you watch it live?  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to voice your opinions below.


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