Juggalo Gathering Line-up – Madhouse and Chaos Stages

The news about this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos keeps steadily pouring in!  Last night some of the names for the Chaos and Madhouse stages started populating at JuggaloGathering.com.  The formatting was all wonky, so I waited until this morning to see if it had been corrected.

Luckily, it has, so here’s the complete list (so far) for both the Chaos and Madhouse stages.  You can click the names of the stages to find out more about each artist.

Chaos Stage

  • Alla Xul Elu
  • Baconomics
  • Body Bag Syndikate
  • DurtE
  • Headshot Louie
  • Insane Poetry
  • JPK
  • P.R.E.A.C.H.
  • Ronnie Blaze
  • Sewerside
  • Str8Jaket
  • Sup3rsayin
  • T-Ryde
  • Wiked Wood
  • Wil E. Haze

Madhouse Stage

  • 5th Power
  • A.Z. The Fallen
  • Bake Lo
  • Bulletproof & The Fool
  • Chiiirp
  • Kaos Anubis
  • King Irish
  • Louis Cheese
  • LSP Snuff Blender
  • Madopelli Music
  • MC Viruz
  • McNastee
  • Mr?E
  • Optymus Music
  • Skull Kids
  • State Of Krisis
  • Statik G
  • Van Brando
  • Youngster Jiji
  • Zitro