Juggalo Attacked at the Gathering – Information Needed

One of our Gathering neighbors hit me up over a truly shitty situation that I think deserves some attention.

This ninja named James, who has now been to 4 Juggalo Gatherings, was brutally attacked not long after ICP’s performance last Saturday night.

He describes the situation as follows:

Hey I was camped out behind you this year at the GOTJ. I got jumped by a few people a couple hours after ICP performed. This was unprovoked. It began once I entered a port a potty, before I could piss they began shaking it. I stepped out to see my friend get hit, then I started getting hit. Had to get 4 lacerations stitched on my face. This was my 4th gathering, and now most likely my last. I’ll try and send a pic of my face after leaving the hospital.

I have been speaking to James via email over the past few days to try to get more of the story.  He told me that the people who assaulted them kept saying “get the fuck out of our gathering!”  I guess they didn’t LOOK like Juggalos, so the assailants thought they deserved a beat down?

He also said that he didn’t file a police report because he didn’t get a good enough look at them for a description, and didn’t want to have police come in to interrogate Juggalos.

He DID say that there was a group of people standing by and watching as the attack took place, and hoped that they would come forward if they knew anything about it.

James mentioned that in 4 Gatherings, he has never had a single bad interaction with anyone.  He asked if I had heard of anything similar happening this year, and of course I hadn’t.

So what I’m asking from you is this: If you heard anything about this incident, have seen video footage of it, or actually witnessed it, do the right thing and reach out.  This isn’t snitching, this is Juggalos helping other Juggalos.  These guys didn’t deserve this shit.  Just leave a comment below, or reach out to me directly at cannacdk@gmail.com.  Thanks ninjas!  We hope you heal up quickly James!