Jamie Madrox talks ICP & Twiztid, Nirvana Cover

Chad Carsten (of Faygoluvers) recently got the chance to interview one half of the Demented Duo, Jamie Madrox for Vandala Magazine. It’s definitely a must read if you’re a Twiztid fan.

In the interview, Chad and Jamie go over hip-hop culture, The Psychomania Tour, Body Bag Syndikate, Davey Suicide, “The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s,” the “Kill Somebody” music video, Mr. 8 Legz, MNE, a cover song that Twiztid did for Nirvana’s “Come As You Are, (Yes… yes I fucking just said that) and why Juggalos should not choose between either ICP or Twiztid.

Also in the interview some very interesting questions get asked, including “If Jamie Madrox “The Multiple Man” from Marvel Comics approached you with the Cosmic Cube  in his hands, what super power would you wish for?” and “Which classic horror movie Monster from the Universal era best represents your personality and why?”

Excerpt from the interview:

Why should Juggalos not choose between ICP and Twiztid and just  simply listen to the music and  enjoy both for what it is?

Jamie Madrox: Because that’s what this is all about and that’s it’s always been about, is about enjoying the music. Put it this way. There’s Baskin Robbins with thiry one different flavor and you go in there and there’s all these things to try. Why would you not try them all? I’m not saying you can’t have your favorites. I know I go in there and I have me some pistachio ice cream and I love me some peanut butter. That don’t mean that I hate everything else. It seems almost, I’m trying to think of another word aside from just hating, I don’t know another word other than hating, but we’re firm believers that we do, we do well, I’m not worried. We will continue to school what we do hands down! So I know for a fact as far as people who enjoy or follow our work you guys will be happy. As far as everyone else that is not with us/our company, they’re not going to stop doing their music either, so that just means more music for you the listener. There is no reason to pick a side in anything. I think that’s idiot asinine shit to me, but that’s my personal opinion because I guess it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

You can check out that full interview over at VandalaMagazine.com by CLICKING HERE.