J -Webb Discusses the Juggalo March with theguardian.com

Amber Jamieson recently published the article After the Women’s March: six mass US demonstrations to join this spring on theguardian.com.

One of the demonstrations Amber discusses is the Juggalo March on Washington. Amber had the chance to speak with J-Webb from Psychopathic Records.

Check out the article below to see what he had to say.



16 September: Juggalos March

In September, fans of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse and their fan base, better known as juggalos, will march on DC to protest their classification by the FBI in 2011 as a gang.

“As wonderful as the Women’s March was, we planned this well before the Women’s March,” said Jason Webber, director of public relations for Psychopathic Records, who is organizing the march. He notes they received march permits last September.

“The point of the Juggalos March is not to make a statement against the Trump administration. The point of the Juggalo March is to raise awareness about how juggalos are discriminated against, profiled and have their lives ruined as aresult of identifying as fans of a certain music genre,” said Webber.

Stories from the Juggalos March website describe people who lost custody of their children, were fired from jobs and had criminal charges increased against them because of being classified as gang members.

Around 4,000 people are expected. The rally will start at the Lincoln Memorial, then, following speeches, will march down the mall, around the Washington Monument and back to the Lincoln Memorial.

Webber is trying to get politicians and other activists involved, since Juggalos view the FBI classification as government-approved discrimination based on music taste.

“But considering the current climate in America in general and Washington DC specifically, people are just getting a little bit jittery about going to DC and raising their fists against the FBI,” said Webber.