GOTJ Psychopathic Auction Items Announced, with Proceeds Going to Detroit Women’s Shelter

The hurricane of diamonds is in full effect, ninjas! A new bomb has just dropped–Details on the GOTJ Psychopathic auction have been revealed over at!

I typically try to keep my posts straight to the point, but HOLY SHIT. These auction items are amazing! THEY ARE AUCTIONING OFF THE ORIGINAL PAINTING OF THE SIXTH’S JOKER’S CARD: HELL’S PIT! Can I emphasize that enough? Whaaaaat?

And all for a good cause: 25% of proceeds will go to the Detroit YWCA Domestic Violence and Women’s Shelter, which according to the website is the only women’s shelter in Detroit, specializing in recovery from domestic violence and sexual abuse. That’s the shit. Lette’s Respect in this bitch!

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GOTJ Psychopathic Auction Items Announced, with Proceeds Going to the YWCA Domestic Violence and Women’s Shelter in Detroit!

The great GOTJ tradition returns! Your homies at Psychopathic have dug into the vaults, searched through long neglected dusty attics, scoured through decades old boxes, and assembled a treasure trove of historic Psychopathic related items for your bidding pleasure. And this year’s items are SUPER dope, with unbelievable finds that will blow your mind! We’re talkin ultra rare shit! How about the original painting of the cover sleeve art for Hell’s Pit, the Sixth Joker’s Card, standing over 2 feet tall?! Or an original art piece by Shaggy 2 Dope? And rare merch and banners galore–even on WAX!

Get ready to be blew back by the best Psychopathic Auction we have EVER put on, with 25% of proceeds going to a good cause: The YWCA Domestic Violence and Women’s Shelter in Detroit (, the only domestic violence and women’s shelter in metro Detroit, helping thousands of women and children each year get on their feet, stand up, and say “FUCK YOU” to any bigot, bullshit, sexual abuse, and assault. 2 Whoops to that!

Peep the list of flavor, score some dope merch, and stand up for a good cause!

It’s the Psychopathic Auction, muthafucka! And it’s the biggest and best yet. Whoop whoop!

And here are the items up for grabs! Dope!

Psychopathic Auction Items

25 Years of Psychopathic History Photo Album

We spent hours and hours digging through boxes of old photos from the last 25 years of Psychopathic Records’ history, pulling out gem after gem… This photo album is PACKED with over 150 one-of-a-kind photos, featuring the Dog Beats era, the Axe Murder Boyz, MC Breed, The Great Milenko era, Esham, Zug Izland, old staff photos, The Wraith era, Anybody Killa, the Riddle Box era, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, the Carnival of Carnage era, Twiztid, and more! If it happened in the last 25 years of Psychopathic, it might just be in this book. Most of these pictures have never been seen by the general public until now. This is your only chance to truly own a piece of Psychopathic Records History!

Bang Pow Boom Promotional Banner

Measuring roughly 4×5 feet, this banner was used to promote the first joker’s card of the second deck, “Bang! Pow! Boom!,” which came out September 1, 2009. This was used at various shows and events during the months previous to the album’s release. You can surprise your parents by hanging this fresh-ass banner above the fireplace in your family room!

Dog Beats Test Press Vinyl

This is the album that started it all….This was the very first album ICP ever recorded in a music studio. After getting snaked for thousands of dollars by local music producer Chuck Miller, ICP walked away with their now classic album “Dog Beats”. More than 25 years later, this album was finally pressed to vinyl just in time to celebrate the triumphant return of the Inner City Posse this August, when the Inner City Posse will make a one-time performance in honor of their lost brother and third clown, John Kickjazz. Since this test pressing is one-of-a-kind, it now takes the reins as one of rarest pieces of Inner City Posse items known to man.

Gathering of the Juggalos 2016 Uncut Ticket Set

To celebrate the 17th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, we kept a very small handful of uncut tickets sheets. This is a great display piece for any Juggalo to remember the Gathering of Gatherings. This lot includes the following 5 Framed & Uncut Ticket Sheets: General Admission, RV & Trailer Pass, Car Pass, Big Ballers, & Psychopathic All-Star Experience. This is a one-of-a-kind set, and great display piece for all Juggalos alike!

Hatchet Flag Banner

Measuring roughly 3×5 feet, this banner was used back in 2012 on stage during in the now infamous American Psychos Tour. This banner is the perfect size for any collector or Juggalo who just wants to show his undying love for his Country and Psychopathic Family.

Huge Hand Painted Hell’s Pit Artwork

Origin unknown, this HUGE painting has been hanging up on the walls at Psychopathic Records for over the last 10 years. This is an amazing hand-painted piece that features the album cover art for the darkest, most wicked album ICP has ever created….Hell’s Pit! This thing is huge, measuring roughly 2×2 feet—you’re going to need a big trunk to get this bad boy home. But once you do, it will be an incredible centerpiece for any room in your house.

Insane Clown Posse Riddle Box Show Hockey Jerseys

This lot features (2) one-of-a-kind hockey jerseys that were created for ICP to wear during one of the last Riddle Box Shows ever to be played in America. They were only worn once in Jacksonville, FL, this past February during the make-up date for a rescheduled Riddle Box Show. These hockey jerseys feature brand new Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope designs that have only been used on these 2 jerseys and never produced again since. They also come equipped with Hatchetmen on the sleeves, and each of their names across the backs. If this particular Riddle Box Show was never rescheduled, these 2 fresh ass jerseys would have never existed.

Into The Echoside Promo Cards

Originally the only way you could get these exclusive promo cards was if you pre-ordered Into The Echoside. But since you’re an idiot, you probably missed out on these 3 very rare promo cards. This lot includes “Wizard of the Hood”, “Inner City Posse”, and “Blahzay Roze”. Never to be pressed up or released ever again, these 3 cards are a must have for any serious Juggalo Gamer out there. Get them now and school the fuck out of your homies!


Here’s one for the ladies and gentlemen of questionable sexual orientation. Naw, we’re just kidding. You don’t have to be gay, but if you are, that’s cool too. This is a very unique item for any Juggalo. This is your chance to see the gathering through the eyes of Psychopathic’s newest artist, LYTE! On Saturday night, you and a few of your homies can experience the Gathering like true superstars. Cruise around with Lyte on his golf cart, hang out backstage, and even watch his performance on the side of the main stage!


Midwest Mayhem Tour Poster Film & Match Print Set

Just like the Wizard of the Hood set listed previously, this Poster Set is beyond rare for many reasons. First, you’ve getting the original framed poster film, and match print. But if that wasn’t rare enough, this is the first and only poster to ever feature both of the Detroit legends Esham and MC Breed (R.I.P.). Oh, and did I mention that this tour never even took place? Holy Shit! This tour was scheduled to happen sometime in 2004, but for whatever reason it never went down, making this poster set an incredibly rare and unique piece of Detroit Music History.

Mr. Diamond Stats Banner

Here’s a piece of history if there ever was one… Measuring roughly 8X7 feet, this banner was used to reveal identity and stats maybe one of the most diabolical Soopa Villianz known to man, Mr. Diamond! This is 1 of 4 banners that were created to unveil the Soopa Villianz at the Gathering of the Juggalos a few months before the official release of their first and only album, “Furious”.

Original Pressing of The First Six Box Set

Here we have the very last original pressing of The First Six! Found buried under piles of old merch left over from past tours, this might just be the very last copy we still have. Complete with misprinted sticker, this box set includes the entire first deck on cd, The EXCLUSIVE bonus ep “House of Wax”, Full sized 12×12 booklet, and certificate of authenticity hand signed by Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. This is one for the true audio collectors out there. Don’t miss your last chance to get this original pressing of one of the greatest sagas ever told…The first six joker cards!

Original Shaggy 2 Dope Sketch for Keep It Scrubbin’ Single

It’s no secret that Shaggy 2 Dope is the creator of a lot of artwork you’ve seen displayed over the years throughout ICP’s gigantic catalog. But it’s not often that any of his original artwork makes it into the hands of private collectors. Here we have a beautifully framed piece created by the master of artist himself, Shaggy 2 Dope. This is a one-of-a-kind hand-drawn sketch that later became the cover art for Shaggy’s “Keep It Scrubbin” single. This 8×10 piece of art is also signed and dated by “Joey”(Not Shaggy 2 Dope), making this incredibly more rare and valuable!

Original Wizard of the Hood Poster Film & Match Print Set

Here’s an item you’ve never even heard of before! This is the original 4 Color Process Poster Film complete with matching Print Poster for Wizard of the Hood. Measuring roughly 18×24, this is a very beautiful and unique piece of art you’ll never see again. This lot includes all 4 original color Process Poster Films (only one is shown in the photo) used to create the Wizard of the Hood Poster, as well as the Match Print. The Match Print in a nutshell is the very first print of the poster ever created. It’s printed on much thicker paper and with special more vibrant ink, to proof test the poster before mass production. We framed and matted the Match Print and 1 of the Poster Films, and included the other 3 Films stashed behind the main Film, which you can easily remove to turn these 2 posters into a 5 piece poster set. A must-have for any poster collector or die hard Wizard of the Hood fan!

Psychopathic Rydas Eat Shit N Die Promotional Banner

This might just be one of the very last Psychopathic Rydas banners to ever be made. This was made to help promote the album “Eat Shit N Die” by the most notorious thugs and killas around…The Psychopathic Rydas! This is incredibly rare and might be the last time you’ll ever see these legendary thugs all on one banner ever again. Measuring roughly 4×4 feet, this will fit perfectly in any Juggalo’s collection.

Shaggy 2 Dope Matching Black & White Hatchetman Football Jerseys

Both of these football jerseys are one-of-a-kind and made for the Southwest Strangla to wear at various concerts and events, and most recently a few after parties. These are both size 3X and feature the Hatchetman on the front and sleeves, with SHAGGY across the back.

Tales From The Lotus Pod Test Press Vinyl

After its CD release in 2001, over 15 years later this album was finally pressed to vinyl to be sold as the ultimate Dark Lotus Collector’s item at the Tales From The Lotus Pod Show that was supposed to take place this past Juggalo Weekend. Although this show never went down, the vinyls were already pressed, so they were sold on Hatchetgear. This is the one-of-a-kind Test Pressing Vinyl for the most critically acclaimed Dark Lotus albums ever made, Tales From The Lotus Pod!

Tunnel of Love XXX and Regular Edition Test Press Vinyls

Audio collectors…I can hear you drooling from here. This lot includes BOTH Test Press Vinyls for Tunnel of Love XXX and Regular Edition. These are one-of-a-kind and even come in the original boxes they were shipped in. If you’ve ever wanted to school your friends, just watch their jaws drop when you pull these out of your collection.

Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope Baseball Jerseys

Never produced for the public… These 2 jerseys were created only for Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope to wear on stage during their short but sweet solo tours that went down this past February. Both jerseys are 3X and feature the Hatchetman on the front left chest, the number 17 on the back, and of course what stage jersey would be complete without the names “Shaggy” and “Violent J” embroidered across the back? Both of these jerseys were worn multiple times on stage during ICP’s Short Solo Sideshow Spectacular Tour. Fresh!

Violent J Matching Pro Wrestling Syndicate Embroidered Shirt & Hoodie

Straight jacked out of the Duke’s closet comes this very dope one-of-a-kind T-shirt and hoodie combo. It’s no secret that ICP loves to make random popup appearances in local wrestling promotions across the country. From dates unknown, these are RING WORN during one of ICP’s many appearances in Pro Wrestling Syndicate. Both of these are one-of-a-kind and were handmade for Violent J himself!

Yoooo….that Shaggy Sketch tho! Keep ya eyes on for more flava! The countdown to Shangri-La continues!!!