And the New Majik Ninja Entertainment Artist is… Gorilla Voltage

Twiztid announced on their Facebook page that they would be announcing a new artist joining the Majik Ninja Entertainment roster on Christmas day at 3:00pm EST and that time has come and passed.

The new artist signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment is actually a duo known as… Gorilla Voltage.

For you ninjas that didn’t know (because I know I didn’t) this group was formally known as The Damn Dirty Apes and is comprised of ClockworC and Mr. Grey.

You can actually check out an album review Faygoluvers did last year for their self-titled album by CLICKING HERE and you can pick that CD up by CLICKING HERE.

It was also announced that there would be some songs released, and they came through with that as well:

If you wanna hear what they got from past releases I would recommend checking out Mr. Grey’s Soundcloud account.

Also, something I just noticed! They have a new album dropping on February 24th, 2017! That’s less than 2 months away, homies!


Congrats, Gorilla Voltage!

You can check out some live footage from last year by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the post on Majik Ninja Entertainment’s official Facebook page:

Announcing the newest members of Majik Ninja Entertainment: Gorilla Voltage!!!

Twitter: @gorillavoltage
Instagram: @officialgorillavoltage

We are super glad to have these ninjas on board with us! Free downloadable songs will follow shortly but for now, help us spread the word, follow them on social media and stay tuned to learn more!