Gathering of the Juggalos Map Changes! [Updated]

We’re a mere 2 weeks away from this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos!  Can you believe it snuck up on us this quickly?

A lot of you ninjas have been keeping tabs on any changes and updates to the timeline, map, events, and anything else that may be happening at

It looks like at some point today, some things were shuffled around and renamed on the official Gathering Map!

If you have the old one saved, you might want to update it with the one below:

Click the pic to enlarge!

And just so you can see it yourself, a ninja named Stems sent in a pic comparing the old and new maps:

Click the pic to enlarge!

To download the latest map, timeline, and even the full booklet, just hit up!  I’ll see you ninjas in just two weeks!!