The Gathering

The Gathering of the Juggalos 2017 Infomercial is here!

Like a horny hooker, it’s goin’ down, bitch! I know there has been a few of you waiting around for the past couple days for this to drop and it finally has! I’m talking about the infomercial for this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos going down July 26th-29th at the Lost Lakes Amphitheater in Oklahoma City. The event includes over 100 shows!

Like every year, this infomercial is jam packed with all the freshness you need to know about what’s going down at the event.

Also, just like every year, Psychopathic has given the infomercial it’s own theme, different than any other years. This year’s theme is of course Monster Truck rallies. Basically all the info they’re dropping in the infomercial is done Monster Truck rally commercial announcer style. Dope.

Check out the infomercial below, Find out even more info at

Here’s everything you need to know… (Props to Scottie D)

Enjoy this monster size party with…

  • The Neden Game
  • Miss Juggalette Pageant
  • Wolfpac hosts Psychopathic Radio LIVE!
  • Win MAD MONEY in the Flowmaster Rap Battle
  • Beach Volleyball Tournament
  • Catch 21 Trivia Game Show
  • Art Contest
  • Juggalos Don’t Dance contest

Wednesday Night Concerts include…

  • Psychostick
  • Madchild
  • Big Hoodoo
  • Mushroomhead
  • Anybody Killa
  • Bukshot
  • FLAW
  • September Mourning
  • Green Jellÿ
  • Shaggy 2 Dope Solo Set

Also performing…

  • Sup3rsayin
  • Headshot Louie
  • Ronnie Blaze
  • JPK
  • Body Bag Syndikate
  • Skitzo
  • Murder Musick Presents…
  • Native World Presents…
  • V-Sinizter

Enjoy more watersports than R. Kelly with…

  • Rowboating
  • Beach Bonfires
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Park (extra cost)
  • Extreme Water Slides

You can…

  • Bid on rare, one of a kind, monster memorabelia at the Psychopathic Auction


  • Big Hoodoo
  • Anybody Killa
  • Lyte
  • Insane Clown Posse


  • Mike Busey’s Big Thangs & Juicy Poopers Party
  • Lama Nama Lucha Libre
  • Exotic Ladies of Wrestling
  • Juggalo Yacht Club’s Oklahoma Wine Mixer

Thursday Night Concerts include…

  • Kissing Candice
  • Kung Fu Vampire
  • CAGE
  • DOPE
  • Wolfpac
  • American Grim
  • Lil Debbie
  • Miss May I
  • RA The Rugged Man
  • The Insane Clown Posse performing The Wraith: Shangri-La

Also performing…

  • A.Z. The Fallen
  • Van Brando
  • Skull Kidz
  • Zitro
  • King Irish
  • Mr?E
  • 5th Power
  • Chop Shop
  • Wiked Wood
  • P.R.E.A.C.H.
  • SSB
  • Alla Xul Elu
  • Sewerside

Even more…

  • Faygo Launching Contest
  • Killer Clown Academy
  • Lingerie Contest
  • Wet T-shirt Contest
  • Costume Contest
  • Tattoo Contest

Fuck no, that ain’t all, y’all…

  • Sickening Skin Suspension Spectacular
  • Quest for Shangri-La tournament
  • Into the Echoside Tournament
  • Juggalos Against Sanity Tournament

Get autographs from…

  • Zug Izland
  • ABK
  • DJ Clay
  • JCW Wrestlers


  • Insane Clown Posse

Friday Night Concerts include…

  • The Browning
  • Froggy Fresh
  • Myzery & The Spanish Side
  • Insane Poetry
  • Brotha Lynch Hung
  • LSP’s 51 Shades of Snuff
  • Upon A Burning Body
  • DJ Clay
  • Waka Flocka Flame
  • Vanilla Ice

Also performing…

  • Kaos Anubis
  • MC Viruz
  • Optymus Music
  • Chiiirp
  • Statik G
  • McNastee
  • Louis Cheese
  • #Baconomics
  • T-Ryde
  • Wil E Haze
  • Str8Jaket
  • Beast Motion

All night Juggalo Dance Party with…

  • DJ Clay’s Juggalo Jump Off
  • OG Juggalo Jam with DJ Carlito / Rude Boy
  • Reno Rydaz Party


  • Marc Ruben
  • Darrin Johnson
  • DandyPunk

Saturday Night Concerts:

  • Zug Izland
  • Lyte
  • Jelly Roll
  • P.O.D.
  • Prof
  • Insane Clown Posse

Also performing…

  • Roach Joka
  • Youngster Jiji
  • Bake Lo
  • Madopelli Music
  • State of Krisis
  • Bulletproof & The Fool
  • LSP Snuff Blender