Fresh Is The World Podcast Episode #62: The R.O.C.

The R.O.C. was recently a guest on the Fresh Is The World podcast.

On episode 62, he discusses his rap career, House of Krazees, Digital Voodoo and more.

Check out what they discussed:


Detroit hip-hop artist The R.O.C. is the guest for this episode of Fresh is the Word. As an original member of the rap group House of Krazees in the 1990s, we run through his whole rap career, including how things ended with his House of Krazees group members Hectic and Mr. Bones (who would go on to form Twiztid as Monoxide Child and Jamie Madrox) and all the projects he’s done since then. The R.O.C. has reunited with his old House Of Krazees friends as he is signed to Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment and recently released his new album Digital Voodoo.

You can listen to the full discussion via Soundcloud below.