Details for Twiztid’s Mystery Utah Show to be announced at Boondox show on May 10th

All of the social media outlets of Majik Ninja Entertainment have been floating this picture for a few weeks.  It has been updated with color changes and a little more info, but nothing that you can peg as 100% confirmed.

Now, MNE has stated that ALL info will be revealed at the May 10th stop of Boondox‘s “The Murder” tour!  The date will be August 26th and it’ll take place at The Complex in Salt Lake City, but you won’t be able to find out what is in store until 5 days from now!  Here’s the official word.

From Twiztid’s Facebook:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably seen this image.

Promoting the Date and Location of a Secret Assault being planned during the #YearOfTheSword, but what will take place? What devastating attacks are planned?!

We are excited to announce that information about the FIRST WAVE of attack will be revealed this upcoming May 10th LIVE! at the Boondox The Scarecrow#TheMurderTour in Salt Lake City at The Complex

This will be exclusive news that will leak ONLY at the Boondox Show, so you do NOT want to miss out!

Tickets available at:

Tag your homies and make sure they don’t miss this event!

Check the flyer for the boondox date as well as a full sized version of the mystery image below:

Click the pic to enlarge!

Click the pic to enlarge!