DCGCon.com has Launched – Lots of Details Announced

If you’re a Juggalo and you’re a gamer then this is definitely the convention you’ve been waiting for. The Dark Carnival Games Convention’s official website has been launched. You can check that out over at DCGCon.com.
With the launch of the website comes a shit-ton of details. Some new and some we already know. You can download the official program by CLICKING HERE.

This convention is all ages and is going down April 21st, 22nd, & 23rd, 2017 at The Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, MI. You can get your 3-day badge that gets you into the convention along with additional tickets for role playing events and a Morton’s List Twilight Lord Tournament for only $40 by CLICKING HERE.

I said tickets are only $40, ninjas. That’s for a bomb-ass 3 day gaming event and 2 concerts!

All events have been listed with times and dates of tournaments, information on prizes and more, including Into the Echoside, Quest for Shangri-LaMorton’s List, the new game Juggalos Against Sanity and a whole lot more.

You can check out a list of hotels available around the area by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the website for the complete timeline of events and even a map of the main hall where all the freshness will be taking place. Check that out below:














After parties with the entire Psychopathic Records roster and more will be going down on Friday and Saturday night and tickets will be available! Don’t bother purchasing any though as they’re gonna be given out for free with every 3-day DCG badge that’s purchased:














The entire Psychopathic Records roster and the game designers of all your favorite Dark Carnival games will be signing augnagraphs for any of the ninjas in attendance on Friday and Saturday:














Scottie hit up Jumpsteady and he let us know that the classic Juggalo role-playing game, Morton’s List will be available for purchase at this convention but this is the only time it will be. This is your one shot to pick that up brand new, ninjas.

The new Juggalo card game Juggalos Against Sanity will also be available for purchase at the convention but as of right now, no official release date has be set.

Check out everything that’ll be available at the convention:














Two words: Battletech Center. Hell yeah:











All the information in this article is available over at DCGCon.com

Even if you’re not a gamer, the website is dope. Head over there and check it out, ninjas.