Cover Art, Titles, and Release Dates Announced for Multiple Album From MNE Artists

The ninjas over at Majik Ninja Entertainment are staying busy! A short time ago, they released a flyer with cover art, titles, and release dates for multiple albums from MNE artists including The R.O.C. and Young Wicked.

Here are the release dates:

  • Gorilla Voltage – Ape – X – 2/24
  • Boondox – The Murder – 3/24
  • The R.O.C. – Digital Voodoo – 4/14
  • Blaze (ft. Twiztid) – Necromancy – vinyl – 4/22
  • Young Wicked – The Return of The Prodigal Son – 5/19

You can see the cover art on the flyer below.