That super-ninja, Ned from the The Underground Australia recently had a chance to talk with one of the originators of the wicked shit, Esham. In this 17 minutes interview, Ned and Esham discuss Esham’s new album “Scribble,” what it was like growing up in the D and what the future holds for The Unholy.

I have not had a chance to check this out yet but the Undergound interviews never disappoint.

You can check out the interview by CLICKING HERE or check out the player below:

It didn’t take long for some media outlets to catch wind of the drama that spilled over between Psychopathic Records and MNE yesterday.  The Detroit News put out a full article dissecting ICP’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” music video, and gave some details behind the history between the two camps.  You can see the full article below.


The beef between the two groups heats up in just-released clip

The feud between Insane Clown Posse and their former labelmates and proteges Twiztid is no longer underground.

In a video released Wednesday for “6 Foot 7 Foot (7 Foot, 8 Foot),” a re-working of Lil Wayne’s 2011 track “6 Foot 7 Foot,” ICP’s Violent J takes direct shots at Twiztid and the group’s record label, Majik Ninja Entertainment.

“Everything you Ninjas drop, a complete miss,” J raps, “but George’s dad’s pockets deeper than the abyss.” The “George” in question is Twiztid manager and Majik Ninja co-founder George Vlahakis.

In the video, a likeness of the Majik Ninja headquarters is shown and mockingly referred to as “Majik Ninjass.” A sign on the office window reads “will march for $$$,” a reference to Twiztid’s decision to not participate in September’s planned Juggalo March on Washington, D.C..

“Nice offices and studio that everyone uses,” J raps. “So you must be magic, every move you make loses.”


He also makes a reference to Otis, a.k.a. Young Wicked, the former ICP beatmaker who signed with Majik Ninja in late 2016, calling him a slang term used to denigrate the mentally impaired.

Twiztid left ICP’s Psychopathic Records after the release of 2012’s “Abominationz” album and started Majik Ninja Entertainment shortly thereafter.

Twiztid continued to participate in ICP events, including the annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival, but bad blood between the two camps slowly simmered. A tipping point came earlier this year when Twiztid announced neither they nor their Majik Ninja labelmates — which includes former Pscyhopathic artists Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Boondox — would participate in the Juggalo March.

“People have to understand that if we do something, there’s a damn good reason for it,” Twiztid’s Paul Methric told the News in a January interview but didn’t elaborate further.

His fellow Twiztid member Jamie Spaniolo described the group’s former partnership with ICP as a divorce, and the two groups’ mutual fans as their shared children.

“We’ll be the cordial parent and say, ‘that’s fine, if you’d like to go march with your mother, your fathers will be over here. We’ve got the new soda and chips that you like, whenever you’re done, we’re not mad,’” he said.

Twiztid is currently on tour.

Insane Clown Posse is gearing up for its Gathering of the Juggalos festival, July 26-29 at Lost Lakes Amphitheatre in Oklahoma City. The group is also slated to perform its 1992 album “Carnival of Carnage” in full at El Club in Southwest Detroit on Aug. 26. Tickets, $250, are now on sale.

Ninjas… this shit looks like it’s just starting to pop off. Violent J DID say it would get worse before it got better.

Earlier this afternoon, ICP released a brand new music video which was a cover of Lil Wayne’s song “6 Foot 7 Foot ” called “7 Foot 8 Foot feat. Lyte. The song featured multiple disses to former Psychopathic artists now signed to MNE as well as disses toward the record label as a whole. You can see that post as well as watch the video by CLICKING HERE.

Now G-Mo is pissed, y’all. He just released a diss track aimed specifically at Violent J called “Pull His Resume.”

I won’t get in to any details about the track. You’ll just have to listen for yourself.

The first wave of tour dates have been announced for The Summoning Underground Tour featuring Lo Key, Alla Xul Elu, Madd Maxxx, and S.O.N.

Here are the dates:

  • May 12 – Cleveland, OH
  • June 1 – Buffalo, NY
  • June 3 – Gettysburg, PA (UPStival)
  • June 17 – Albany, NY
  • June 18 – Providence, RI
  • July 24 – Enid, OK
  • July 26-29 – Gathering of the Juggalos
  • August 4 – Hampton Beach, NH
  • August 12 – Elmira, NY (607 Gathering)
  • Sept 1 – Atlanta, GA (Beatmade Fest, Lo Key only)

The are still looking to book dates during May – September. If you are interested in booking this tour, send an email to or contact Jeremy Killingbeck via Facebook at this link:

Also, an official mixtape was released to promote the artists that are on The Summoning Underground Tour. You can download it for free by clicking the link below.

The Summoning Tour Mixtape @

Peep the tour commercial.