Bring in the new year with The Real CDK and Tha Six on Majik Ninja Radio! Tune in December 31st at 8pm EST and kick off the new year with new music, fun with recent happenings, and multiple chances to win some free merchandise! So mark your calendars and hit up the weed man early because this is guaranteed to be one hell of a start to another year!


Whats up family! Don’t think we forgot about you — Majik Ninja Radio has had the curtain down for awhile now and for various reasons needed to do so but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work! Planning, plotting, and adding music to our collection just waiting for the right time and we just ask for your patience just a little bit longer. Now this doesn’t mean you cant tune in, our radio server is streaming 24/7 all of your favorite artists but the new freshness the real flavor is yet to come to keep your eyes out for the crouching ninja! Much Love!!!

Whats up ninjas, It has been far too long since our last news update and I think its well overdue to give all of you the scoop. So lets kick it off with the MIXTAPE. The Mixtape has not been scraped. We have however put it on hold due to reasons beyond our control at this time. With that said we will announce when that changes.

Next on the list is a new feature of Majik Ninja Radio that we are calling the RADIO HUB. The purpose of the Radio Hub will be to unite and localize many of countless radio streams that are out there. We will be setting up a place for radio stream owners/operators to apply to be added, and we will be reaching out to many stations as-well. This is a new project that we have high hopes for and this will also be available very soon.

Lastly I want to thank all you ninjas for your continued SUPPORT. Over the years we have been hit hard and have had to put up with allot to get where we are and we have proved time and time again we arn’t going anywhere! We will survive, thrive, and maximize! Much love family from me and everyone involved here at Majik Ninja Radio!