Balla Beach Bonfire Added to GOTJ

A nightly beach bonfire has been added to in the Other Flavor section! Fans of the former Hogdaddy’s Hellfire from the Cave-in-Rock Gatherings rejoice!

This bonfire will take place on Balla Beach each night from midnight til 3am and should make for a dope beach party lakeside, under the stars! Here’s the full details from

Balla Beach Bonfire

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 12am–3am / Balla Beach

Smoke rises like mist above the expanse of a black lake that lays still with an eerie calm. Diamond stars shine brightly overhead, reflected with the silhouettes of the boughs of great pines. You feel the magic of hot fire warming your skin as a soft breeze lingers, carrying the sounds of music, laughter, and the jubilant shouts of the Juggalo Family. Suddenly, radiant orange and yellow faces manifest before you, shining forth from across the flames. “Sup, ninja! You got a light?” Enter the sacred circle of the Loon Lake Balla Beach Bonfire, where drinks will be shared, smoke will be passed, and Juggalo Family bonds will be formed that will last well beyond the smoke and ash. Warm up by this lakeside beach bonfire and ease your mind as you unwind and recline with homies by your side!

Dope! Who’s ready to kick it all night long and be ballas on the beach? Kumbaya, muthafackoo!

But the real question is, “Who wanna smoke with me?”

Stay tuned to Faygoluvers as more Juggalo Gathering flavor continues to drop!