Canna CDK ft King Kudda – Sick Chick [Official Music Video]

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Earworm Entertainment Proudly Presents:
Sick Chick Official Music Video
from Canna CDK feat. King Kudda
Canna CDK feat. King Kudda – Sick Chick (V.I.P) [Official Music Video]
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UnderRated working on a EP with Liquid Assassin

Here’s a little unexpected news for your Sunday night.

UnderRated, formerly of Potluck has taking to Facebook to announce that he is working on a EP with Liquid Assassin.

How dope does that sound? This is currently all the information that has been released about this upcoming EP.

Check out his Facebook post below.

Bout to record this verse for the Cardell Toombs & Josh UnderRated Leiderman EP!!! Wish me luck !!!! Yeeeeeee it’s on!!!!!!

In other UnderRated news, he is currently hard at work on his solo album, Stay tuned for that within the next few months.

Ashtrays and Action Figures Returns on 8/16 with Huge MNE News; Interview W/ Moonshine Bandits

This Wednesday, August 16th, Ashtrays and Action Figures is set to return from a short hiatus.

This episode will feature HUGE Majik Ninja Entertainment news and an interview with the Moonshine Bandits.

You can listen to Ashtrays and Action Figures on Twiztid’s Facebook. Here is what MNE had to say:

In case you missed the memo… Twiztid returns THIS week with a brand new episode of Ashtrays and Action Figures! They have an interview lined up with Moonshine Bandits and an ABSOLUTELY HUGE Majik Ninja announcement will be taking place! Don’t miss it!

Ashtrays and Action Figures

Mirror Mirror Products Available THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

The Attack Of The Ninjas show is coming up in just over 2 weeks in Salt Lake City, Utah!  For those of you who weren’t around 15 years ago, or whose shirts have seen better days, has you covered with 3 New Mirror Mirror T-shirts!

These feature some classic pictures of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide with the iconic Twiztid Mirror/Mirror fonts on the back.

So whether you want to sport them at the show, or just want to represent a Juggalo classic album, you can get them for $25.00 each at this link: