Alla Xul Elu’s “Necronomichron” Now Available on iTunes and Amazon

Four days ago, Necronomichron was unleashed upon the underground by Alla Xul Elu.

Today, I bring you the news that you can now purchase Necronomichron digitally on iTunes and Amazon.

Here are the links:

Necronomichron @ Amazon

Necronomichron @ iTunes

You can order Necronomichron on CD by clicking this link:  Necronomichron @

Check out the tracklist:

1 Sacculi Malum Viriditas
2 Necronomichron
3 Cabin
4 Another Dimension
5 Coughin’ in My Casket
6 Necronomiclean
7 Brimstoned
8 Get High
9 Necronomicrunch