Advertise With Us


Currently we offer two options for advertising on Majik Ninja Radio. Both options are based on a monthly rate. This means your advertisement will run for 30 days, which starts once payment is processed and you receive a confirmation email from our staff team. If you are interested in advertising with Majik Ninja Radio please first choose from the options below as to what type of advertising you are looking for and click the appropriate “Buy Now” button. Once you have completed the payment process be sure to email your advertisements/commercials to our staff team. Your email should include Your name, order #, and if applicable your desired URL (website link).


Visual Advertisement:

A fixed placement graphic/image with the dimensions of 240px by 200px [maximum], located on the top-right side of our website (this ensures visitors see adverts before the need to scroll).

On-Air Commercial:

Radio commercials can be up to thirty (30) seconds or less, commercial plays between 8-12 times daily.

Note: All advertisements/commercials are the responsibility of the advertiser. Graphics/Images should be no larger than the specifications listed above. Also, commercials must be in MP3 format for our system to properly stream them.