As promised yesterday, HipHopDX has released a brand new single from Boondox‘s The Murder album called “Outlined In Chalk”!  Not only does it give you a further glimpse into the sound of the album, but it features the ENTIRE MAJIK NINJA ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY!

We’re talking over 6 minutes of a track featuring:

  • Boondox
  • Twiztid
  • Blaze
  • G-Mo Skee
  • Lex The Hex Master
  • The R.O.C.
  • Gorilla Voltage
  • Young Wicked

You can click here to listen to it, or just check it out from the stream below:

After listening, what do you think of the track?

Over at the Twiztid Facebook Page, they made an announcement about a new 7″ picture disc that will be available just in time for Record Store Day 2017!

This 7″ Picture Disc will be available on April 22nd at independent record stores everywhere!

All we were given was the promo picture seen above, which shows the Blaze Ya Dead Homie track “Necromancy” featuring Twiztid.  So I reached out to Beav of Majik Ninja Entertainment about what was available on Side B. Here’s what he sent me:

Click to enlarge!

Oh shit!  “Triple Threat” on vinyl?  Make sure you scope out your local independent record stores and ask them to have some of these in stock for Record Store Day on April 22nd!

Body Bag Syndikate has been added to Twiztid’s “Psychomania” tour!

This news was revealed when Twiztid uploaded show flyers for each of the stops on their upcoming tour. BBS is featured on every flyer.

So, now the “Psychomania” tour features Twiztid, Young Wicked, G-Mo Skee, Gorilla Voltage and BBS. You can check out all the flyers by CLICKING HERE.

Kung Fu Vampire was added to the stop in Tempe, Arizona. A new show was announced for May 13th in Saratoga Springs, NY 

The R.O.C.‘s long awaited album, Digital Voodoo is now available for pre-order on Twiztid Shop.

The album is available in 4 bundle packages ranging in price from $8.99 – $35. Digital Voodoo is scheduled to be released April 14th.

Here is links to pre-order the 4 bundles:

Press release and tracklist:

The R.O.C. delivers his long awaited and highly anticipated full length solo album “Digital Voodoo” on Majik Ninja Entertainment!!! His first full length solo release in over a decade is something that will surly on serve as a benchmark for what everyone can expect from him in the future as he unleashes his brand of wicked raps known only as “Digital Voodoo”.
Artist: The R.O.C.
Album: Digital Voodoo
Release Date: 4/14/17
Track List:
1. Digital Voodoo
2. Let Me Out ft. G-Mo Skee
3. Tear It Up ft. Blaze & Boondox
4. The Chalmer
5. Dr. No ft. Jason Cortez
6. Hecklers ft. Kuniva of D12 & Trick Trick
7. Clouds Black Out The Sun
8. Still Running ft. Sam Kay
9. Disgusted ft. Twiztid
10. Sleeper Cell ft. R.A. Da Rugged Man, Whitney Peyton & Redd
11. What Is Hell? ft. Sham & Mastermind
12. When They Hear It ft. Kung Fu Vampire & Prozac
13. Zombies At The Apocalypse ft. Jared of He’d P.E.
14. Revels In The Dark ft. Lex The Hex Master & Sam Kay